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Dr. David is a miracle maker. He’s got a 6th sense. He immediately puts you at ease and his positive attitude is contagious. He is your quarterback and head cheerleader from day one. He used his extensive experience to bring a fresh perspective to our challenges. In addition to just being the nicest person, he remains schooled in the most cutting edge sciences. He is determined to find solutions for all his patients.
— May 2014
After having 2 miscarriages and feeling helpless and hopeless-Dr. Sami David’s caring, optimistic, upbeat, and sensitive staff from his secretaries to his nurses were amazing beyond words. Under their close watch and knowledgable recommendation, we got pregnant on the first try with them and are expecting our first baby soon. I highly recommend this practice. They are a god-send.
— April 2014
After reading several other books on fertility I picked up a copy of Making Babies. The approach in this book is more of a holistic one, looking at your entire body and empowering you to know it and understand it, before approaching fertility issues with a narrow scope. I was so intrigued that I looked up the author and serendipitously he was a local NYC doctor! I made an appointment and in my first visit with Dr. David he was asking me questions and uncovering issues my OB GYN had not. Dr. David did not automatically assume I needed hormones or should jump into IVF right away, as some other doctors had recommended in a first phone consultation. He uncovered an infection, a thyroid issue and a blood clotting issue, all which he effectively treated (and none of which my OB GYN ever tested for). Within 3 months of my first visit I successfully conceived and stayed pregnant. I remained under Dr. David’s care while I searched for a new OB GYN, which his staff helped me with. Months and months later I received calls from his staff checking in on me just to see how I was doing. I found Dr. David’s staff to be professional and knowledgeable, while also being sensitive and empathetic. Their patients are dealing with a stressful and emotional time in their lives, and they made me feel my emotions and questions were all very valid. I’m so grateful for Dr. David’s approach and knowledge, as well as his entire team’s care and support during my time there. I highly recommend Fifth Avenue Fertility.
— April 2014
A choir of angels could not adequately sing the praises of Dr. Sami David. I never had the pleasure of meeting him in person, but consulted with him over the phone. He is personable, kind and above all highly professional. His office staff was always courteous, extremely helpful and served as a seamless conduit for timely communication with the busy doctor. Most importantly, Dr. David gave us our little Sofia. I have no doubt that without his expert guidance out local REs would never have conceived her. His knowledge far out paces that of his colleagues’, but what really sets him apart in his field is that he never treats his patients as statistics. I was 42.5 years old when I first spoke with him and he NEVER mentioned my age as a cause of infertility or even a concern! He quietly went about his work making sure that there were no medical impediments to conception and once everything was ruled out he suggested IVF. He monitored my progress through 2 failed IVF cycles (run completely by my doctors here in LA) and then he stepped in for our third and final attempt. He altered the drug protocol for the third cycle significantly lowering the dosages and thus reducing egg production. We ended up with 4 top quality embryos - from eggs retrieved less than 3 months before my 44th birthday - transferred only two of them, and welcomed little Sofia into the world 9 months later. Dr. David promises that no miracles, yet through practicing his own revolutionary brand of compassionate, patient centered medicine, he delivers them!
— September 2014
Incredible office and staff! Everyone is extremely nice and helpful. Professional, caring, and knowledgable. Dr. David and his NPs are the best medical team I have ever dealt with.
— September 2014
Incredibly knowledgeable, passionate about his field, intuitive and caring. sadly, they don’t make doctors like this anymore. Dr. David and his team are excellent. I have been seeing him for two years and I only have praises and tremendous admiration in regards to him. regardless if I conceive, (i’m 47) i’m so blessed to have come across his book (it’s great) and have him in New York City. this baby making journey has taught me a lot about myself , my body and doctors- HIGHLY RECOMMEND this doctor he is amazing!
— October 2014
I just can’t say enough about how great Dr. David and his staff are. I see other reviews with some negativity and can’t even relate at all. THEY ARE WRONG. If I could give him 10 stars...I would. His nurse practitioner, Kerry IS amazing. After trying for months with NYU and feeling helpless, Dr. David and his staff of nurses was the answer. They are a boutique office and offer the best one-on-one care. They call you back the same day and communicate with you via email as well. It’s an individualized protocol and they get to the root of your issues like real medical detectives. They don’t force IVF, drugs or any other agenda on you. It’s all about what you need and not what makes their pocket fatter. It’s what you should expect from a doctor and not the horrible baby mills out there. They are a sensitive, incredibly optimistic, and knowledgeable staff. Seriously A+. They watch you like a hawk and after clearing up a few issues, we were pregnant on our 3rd month with them. I could go on and on but in a nutshell, I highly recommend them. I wish I could have stayed with them my whole pregnancy and I’m so sad to leave.
— September 2014
Dr. David and his staff took excellent care of us. While he does not accept insurance, they do provide a copy of services that can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement. We live in CT and went to a local fertility clinic that told me after some testing that all came out normal and 4 rounds of IUI, our next step to pregnancy was IVF. I read Dr. David’s book and decided it was a little too soon for IVF considering neither my husband nor myself had been diagnosed with anything wrong. Dr. David reviewed our results, ordered some additional and told us it was time for some lifestyle changes. Our initial appointment was in August, we began IUI in Sept and were pregnant by Dec. We have a perfect 2 month old baby boy and couldn’t have done it without Dr. David and his staff, who were beyond accomodating (since we were traveling from CT) and thoughtful. Everyone on staff seemed to truly care about our progress and well being.
— November 2013
I went to 6 different fertility doctors in Manhattan in under 6 months, not because my fertility was particularly challenging but because I did not want to entrust the most important decision of my life to someone I didn’t feel comfortable with. 3 of the doctors, the most highly regarded, were extremely inappropriate (as a psychotherapist it was obviously their personal issues than any medical issues), and two were ok. Then we went to Sami who was excellent.

He had taken the time to thoroughly review the information I had sent him ahead of time and was clearly the only doctor who cared about us as people and hopeful parents than as numbers. I left his office feeling the clouds had parted. I learned I was pregnant in under 2 weeks.

He and his incredible staff monitored my first trimester. They were abundantly available, informative and encouraging. My husband did not want to transfer to an OB, he wanted me to stay with Sami but I told them that was not an option…
I know some people go to see Sami as a last resort but I strongly believe you should see him as a first resort. He will either obviate the need for expensive and highly invasive interventions or he’ll prepare you for them so that they are much more successful.

I have seen 100’s of physicians and alternative care providers over 30 years of wrestling with chronic health problems. Sami stands out as one of the 5 most caring ones I have seen.
— November 2013
At age 41 after four year of trying to have a baby including four tries at IVF, five tries at IUI, and two unsuccessful pregnancies, I was almost ready to give up. However, I resolved to try a more natural approach for one year as my final effort at having a child and my acupuncturist at the time recommended Dr. Sami David. From the very first meeting what set Dr. David apart from every other fertility doctor I had known was his very positive attitude and his very thorough, individualized and detailed approach to getting pregnant, with an emphasis on what you can do naturally to boost your fertility. He simply told me based on my fertility history, age and scores on various tests, that I could get pregnant without another round of IVF. He offered me several guidelines and amazingly I got pregnant the next month. Sadly, that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. Dr. David again encouraged me to keep trying and my husband and I did so naturally for several more months following Dr. David’s guidelines. Then Dr. David suggested a few rounds of IUI. On the third round of IUI, along with a very low dose of fertility drugs recommended by Dr. David, I became pregnant with my now gorgeous and healthy three-month-old baby girl. I should note that their IUI protocol was much more thorough than any other I had experienced before.

Julianne, who works with Dr. David performed this successful IUI, and like Dr. David, her professionalism, expertise and positive attitude helped me to feel that I could truly get and stay pregnant. For the first eight weeks of my pregnancy Julianne almost literally held my hand through a variety of weekly tests and pregnancy symptom concerns. I felt like I should have been paying them more for the kind of support, medical information, and reassurance Julianne provided. I am forever grateful that 5th Avenue Fertility exists as a very effective alternative to IVF centers with “one-size fits all” approach, large doses of fertility drugs, and a very expensive price tag. Thank you again Julianne and Dr. David!
— August 2012
I read some of the other reviews here and would like to comment from my personal experience. Yes - it’s true this is not a inexpensive doctor but you get what you pay for (especially in Manhattan) and I think Dr. David is a extremely knowledgeable fertility doctor that looks at each patient individually and has always been enthusiastic and pleasant not to mention takes the time to explain things to you. I’ve learned very important things about myself (my health) in trying to get pregnant because Dr David is so thorough and looks for what’s wrong like a detective and is available when it’s actually necessary for you to deal with him directly. He is always looking at your particular case regardless if a staff member is for example doing blood work for you or whatever.. when you need him he is there. He is a doctor who loves his job- loves bringing babies in the world and I feel his staff are always helpful and quick with results and show sincere empathy and understanding with their patients (that’s my experience over trying for a year). I feel very fortunate to have found him (originally through his book- Making Babies- which is great) and although I have had two miscarriages and may or not end up with a viable pregnancy (my age is an issue ) - I would absolutely recommend him without hesitation and don’t doubt his judgement.
— GREAT Doctor
Dr. David and his staff took excellent care of us. While he does not accept insurance, they do provide a copy of services that can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement. We live in CT and went to a local fertility clinic that told me after some testing that all came out normal and 4 rounds of IUI, our next step to pregnancy was IVF. I read Dr. David’s book and decided it was a little too soon for IVF considering neither my husband or myself had been diagnosed with anything wrong. Dr David reviewed our tests, ordered some additional and told us it was time for some lifestyle changes. Our initial appointment was August, we began IUI in Sept and were pregnant by Dec. We have a perfect 2 month old baby boy and couldn’t have done it without Dr. David and his staff, who were beyond accommodating (since we were travelling from CT) and thoughtful. Everyone on staff seemed to truly care about our progress and well being.
— November 2013
I’ve been seeing Dr David for two years now so i think i can give you a good review. I’m 47 so getting pregnant is challenging.. In the past two years i did get pregnant twice under his care but miscarried due to chromosomal issues (not unusual in my age group). I will say that Dr David is incredibly knowledgable and passionate about his field and looks at things about you health you only wish other doctors had told you years earlier. He is caring and has a great staff who follow up and are genuinely interested in helping you make a baby.

I’ve been to other fertility offices and i can honestly say that Dr David is very unique in that he listens to you and looks at your health cohesively. I highly recommend
— October 2014
In my first visit with Dr. David he asked me questions and uncovered issues my OBGYN had not. Dr. David did not assume I needed hormones or should try IVF right away, as other drs had recommended in a 1st phone consult. Within 3 months of my 1st visit I successfully conceived and stayed pregnant. Months later I received calls from his staff just to see how I was doing. As a quick note on some of the negative reviews - Yes, this is an expensive doctor and no, he does not take insurance. As a patient it is your choice where to go and how much to spend. He can’t guarantee results with something like fertility, but he’s one of the top doctors in Manhattan and with him you can be sure you are giving it the best shot. Also, I never felt taken advantage of. He does not charge by time, never charged me for a phone call or the dozens of emails I sent his staff - some of those claims are just not true. Ultimately, when I look at my daughter, I can happily say it was worth every penny.
— April 2014
I had heard about Dr. David through my mom, a friend had told her of his book. My husband and been struggling with unexplained infertility for a year at that point. It took two more years before we would get the courage to make an appointment, mainly because we were told by other doctors that there was no reason we couldn’t get pregnant, but I had always felt otherwise.

Dr. David takes time with each couple to explore and investigate where the problem may lie and doesn’t accept that infertility is unexplained. Within our first appointment we had already ruled out possible issues, and learned of two potential problems that could be inhibiting us becoming pregnant. Because of Dr. David, we were able to take steps and make decisions based on facts and we finally had a plan in place. We unfortunately had to work with another RE and pursue IVF, but we felt more comfortable doing so while still under the care of Dr. David. I believe that with Dr. David’s help and guidance, our first IVF cycle was successful and I became pregnant for the first time ever after struggling for 4 years.

I truly believe that Dr. David is the reason we were able to get pregnant and I would highly recommend him to anyone dealing with infertility, no matter the cause. His interests lie solely with finding a reason and treating for that exact reason in the most natural and logical way. His approach is tailored to each patient and I am so thankful to have found him.
— June 2016
My husband and I had been on a fertility roller coaster ride for two years. After a successful round of IVF the year earlier, I had suffered a devastating miscarriage at 16 weeks. Another failed IVF followed. Throughout this process, I had been going for acupuncture at YinOva Center. While waiting for treatments, I read the book Making Babies, which was displayed on the coffee table in the waiting area. Jill Blakeway, one of the owners of YinOva Center, coauthored the book with Dr. Sami David. I couldn’t help feeling just a little curious about the less invasive, common-sense tests that the book suggested before settling for the diagnosis of “unexplained infertility” and doing invasive fertility treatments.

I decided to make an appointment at Fifth Avenue Fertility prior to my next scheduled IVF cycle. Dr. David looked at my file and told me that there was no reason I couldn’t get pregnant naturally, and he declared that his tests would likely reveal a cause for my “infertility.” The first round of tests came back normal, and I went ahead with another planned IVF cycle, which also failed. In the month following the failed IVF, I returned to Dr. David’s office and completed the post-coital test. Dr. David told me that the test showed my cervix to be slightly acidic, which could prevent sperm from reaching my egg. The prescription: a baking soda douche, to be used in the days around and including ovulation. At this point I was feeling pretty skeptical and frustrated, and I decided to try the douche just to check off the box. In the days after ovulation, Dr. David’s office had my take progesterone suppositories. Then, ten days after ovulation, I went to the Quest office and took a blood pregnancy test. I called Dr. David’s office that afternoon, expecting to hear “sorry,” as I had been accustomed to, but much to my surprise, I was told “congratulations!” His office supported me through the first nine weeks of my pregnancy, and the staff was friendly and responsive. We now have a beautiful baby girl!

My husband remains skeptical that the baking soda douche had any role in my getting pregnant that month, but I really do believe it increased the odds for us. I would wholeheartedly recommend that others who have received an “unexplained infertility” diagnosis make an appointment with Dr. David, because you really don’t know what small issue he might find that could be preventing you from getting pregnant. Many of his remedies are painless and inexpensive, and they will save you from sitting in the overcrowded, stressful fertility clinic, and possibly putting your body and mind through unnecessary medications and procedures. I say give him a shot!
— March 2013

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