Maximum Fertility without IVF

Everywhere Dr. David goes, people rush up to him with pictures of their son or daughter who are now at Columbia, or point to their grandchildren that he is responsible for. That’s not so unusual for a fertility doctor. What is unusual, is that all these children are born without In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). All of these parents came to Dr. David as a last resort, having been told after spending a fortune on IVF treatments, that they will never have a baby of their own. Now, almost 4000 babies have been born with his assistance.

Dr. David is known as a medical detective. He spends hours reviewing medical records from fertility doctors from all around the world, investigating what may have been missed before the patient even walks in the door. He meticulously lays out an individualized treatment plan for each patient. Often times, he finds that the woman is blamed after being bombarded with IVF drugs in repeated highly costly cycles, when in fact, it was actually the overlooked male factor that was the problem. Dr. David works in parallel with a specialist in male fertility; an internationally known specialist, the renowned Dr. Marc Goldstein.

DrDavid was one of the original believers and supporters of integrated medicine, creating Fifth Avenue Fertility with a certified acupuncturist and nutritionist; the superb Angela Le

Dr. David is expanding his famous practice of NON-IVF treatment plans to include national and international patients via Skype and phone consultations.

His enormous history of success includes patients who have failed MULTIPLE IVF cycles, had recurrent miscarriages, women in their 40s and women who have been told that their FSH or AMH is abnormal and they need donor egg IVF.

As one patient has commented recently in a blog, “Instead of being the ‘last resort’ in repeated IVF failures, Dr. David should be the first resort.” Dr. David has found that IVF was unnecessary in as much as 50% of his patients who failed IVF.

He was recently named by Vitals as among the top 1% of all doctors in the country for patient care. This was based upon patient reviews of 870,000 doctors and their bedside manner, doctor-patient face time, and degree of follow-up.

His prestigious degrees include Columbia College undergraduate, Columbia Medical School, New York Hospital - Cornell Medical Center for Internship and Residency, and a Fellowship in Infertility and Reproductive Endocrinology at the University of Pennsylvania.

In keeping with his philosophy that a baby’s environment begins before conception, everything in Dr. David’s office is nontoxic, organic and fully “green.” Dr. David recommends that all of his patients incorporate an organic lifestyle including, organic food and a non-toxic environment.